MummyPages ‘Back-to-School’ Calculator

As another school year approaches for mums the focus turns to the cost of putting children through school.

To help mums budget for this costly time of year, MummyPages launches an interactive calculator to help families estimate the overall cost of ‘Back-to-School’ time. Mums can add up the overall cost of transport, after-school care, extra-curricular activities and school uniforms.

So go ahead, complete our checklist and calculate the cost of putting your child through school. Compare your costs with other mums living around Ireland.

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Total Cost
See how your total compares with the national average of 'back-to-school' costs
Complete each step to reveal the total cost of putting your loved one through school

To estimate the cost of ‘back-to-school’ time, MummyPages analysed
the responses of 1,766 mums who participated in its ‘Back-to-School’ survey 2015.

Our survey represents mums from every county in Ireland. Monetary values were calculated based on the average spend per mum in each county on school-related costs and takes all variables into consideration. For example, the average spend on school books includes all costs associated with book rental schemes as well books bought by Mum and Dad.